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Gorgeous, 5 stars :3 hehe

Zet92 responds:

hehe thanks bruhhhuhuhuburuuh uwu!

Very piola my friendo

Zet92 responds:

Gracias, Kakarotto!

Oh my lord almighty this is so fucking cool, I felt the energy right away from the thumbnail. Nice work.

kaoyumari responds:

Wow thank you so much!! I upload frequently in instagram the process of my illustrations in my stories in case you are interested of checking it out!
Oh my god I didnt realized until now that I was following you!! your comment means a lot! I admire your work :D

Great stuff! I love how you handle the shapes.

It seems as if there is a wall in front of Red. Do you... do you know there's actually nothing there? just an endless abyss? yes, you are at the very top of Mt. Silver when you fight him. No wall, no anything, the top. Yes it is that epic.

The horns man, missing the horns! I don't know if those spikes can be considered horns, but I personally wouldn't risk it. But do as you feel.

Anand-E-Sukhadev responds:

I thought like rhino, it also have single horn right,.. nyway thanks.. I did a little risky move I think :). but fine, I enjoyed doing it :)

Daaamn son, that's pretty good! sorry you didn't make it in time :/ tbh this is one of the coolest and less-generic pieces I've seen uploaded (or not, I guess) for the challenge. Rendering will never beat simple yet appealing an interesting stylized shapes, and your work is very appealing. Dat style. I'd recognize you in an instant if you were doing comic book covers or somethin'. Keep up the good work!

jovan325 responds:

thats not true it told me it sent itin on the 22
of this month i have an email an everything but didnt go trow

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